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Responding to difficult feedback
Responding to difficult feedback
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When someone in your team raises an issue it can be tough to hear but it's also a great opportunity to change something for the better.

Here's some guidance on how to respond to difficult or negative feedback from your team:

  • Respond promptly to show the whole team that you're listening. This can easily prevent a little niggle becoming a big issue.

  • You don't need to give a detailed response straight away – liking the post or writing a short comment is a great first step and shows your team member that you've read their feedback.

  • Some feedback may need a prompt for more information – don’t be afraid to ask a few questions to get the conversation going. You can do this in person or by commenting on a post.

  • Some issues may require face-to-face discussion – suggesting that you discuss the issue in the next one-on-one catch-up is a great way to respond.

  • It's not up to you to solve every issue yourself. It's your job to guide your whole team to step up, suggest solutions and then take action to make a change happen.

Keep in mind that acknowledging one person’s feedback can help others in the team feel more comfortable sharing theirs. The more you can get into a habit of responding to your teams feedback, the more normal it will become for the whole team to share open and honest feedback.

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