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Resetting your password
Resetting your password
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To reset your Heelix password:

  1. Go to and click Forgot your password? below the sign-in button.

  2. Enter your work email and click Request reset link.

  3. After a minute or so you should receive an email from us. Click the Change my password link in the email.

  4. Choose a new password, confirm it and then hit Reset password.

Didn't receive the reset email?

If you've followed the steps above and haven't received a password reset email from us, have a check of all your tabs, folders, and spam filters.

You need to be able to access the email address linked to your Heelix account to reset the password. Because of this, Team Lead nor Account Owners can't change or reset passwords for their team members.

Still no luck? You can get in touch with us at

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