A bit about the why

It's important to be able to provide feedback on your experience at work but doing that shouldn't take you 20 minutes of answering the same old survey questions that really mean nothing. Instead, you should be saying how you feel because the reality is that as humans, we process emotions 200 times faster than anything else. So if you're answering questions about cognitive things (like "If you were given the chance, would you reapply to your current job?") it can often miss the bigger, deeper picture.

At the end of the day, feedback is only useful if you're measuring the right things. This is not a tick-box exercise, it's about gathering valuable input into how you can work more effectively together; improve the things that need some work and to understand what you're doing well.

So that's why we have the vibe feature. It's not a 20 minute process where you answer questions which hardly make sense. It's a simple and powerful way for you to give feedback each week that gets to the heart of what's really going on so you can improve the performance of your team.

Leveraging neuroscience

We talk a lot about emotions and feelings. That's because we've built the vibe process on neuroscience; it's designed to talk specifically to the motivators and drivers within our brain that play a central role in the human experience, particularly when you are at work. Although we might think we, as humans, are great at making logical, rational decisions, emotions are the overwhelming force which drives our behaviour.

What we are great at is post-rationalisation after the fact. Heelix was built on extensive proprietary neuroscience research to create a platform that speaks directly to the emotion systems in the brain, which process information much faster than the rational, cognitive mind. While other industries have evolved their approaches, the way we manage people in the workplace hasn’t moved with the times to take advantage of this new paradigm.

Heelix was designed to speak directly to the emotion systems in people’s minds across the entire spectrum of personality. By addressing factors that have been shown to influence and motivate teams and individual users on an emotional level, the end result are insights that are profound and actionable.

How does it work?

Each Friday morning at 10.00am you will be sent a reminder to vibe (if you haven't already done so that week). The whole process will take you about 30 seconds and is completely anonymous. As soon as you record your feedback it is automatically destroyed from your user profile, meaning that no one can ever see what you said.

You can vibe at any time by clicking the + button in your app and selecting 'Vibe'.

You will be asked three questions only:

  • How was your week

  • I feel...

  • Why?

Step 1

The first section looks at overall how you're feeling about work that week. You can select one of the five emojis which will then serve you up a contextual next screen based on what you chose.

Step 2

After you've given that response, you can then say how you actually feel. Just select one and you're on to the next screen.

Step 3

Finally, we ask why to help dig a little deeper into figuring out the trigger behind the answer you just gave. It's really important to answer all three questions because the more complete your answer, the more that can be done. Again, simply choose one response. f you want to elaborate on anything, you can do that by submitting an anonymous comment that goes direct to your manager.


As we mentioned above, your vibe is completely anonymous. For more information on how this works you can read our support article here.

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