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  1. What are spaces?

  2. How do spaces differ from teams?

  3. Creating a new space

  4. Who can see what?

  5. Adding more users to a space

  6. Joining a space

What are spaces?

Spaces are specific areas for a group of individuals to share and connect. It's where you can share things like shoutouts, polls, ideas / suggestions as well as photos, videos and files.

You're automatically given one space for your entire company / account. Anyone in the account can then create additional spaces. They can be created for a specific team (like Marketing or Sales), an interest group or even to cover a cross-team collaboration or project group that has been assembled.

The ability to create multiple spaces is a premium feature available with Heelix Connect & Perform or Heelix Connect & Perform Plus.

How do spaces differ from teams?

Spaces are separate to your team structure. When you join Heelix you will belong to a specific team which will likely be the team in which you currently work day-to-day. The purpose of teams is to help capture and filter data from the weekly feedback cycle so you can see how your team and company is feeling. You will see them in your Insights section and when posting and responding to any questionnaires.

Spaces are user generated, allowing you to create areas in which you can share and connect with a defined group of individuals. That could be a space for your team right through to a space for a special interest group. The easiest way to think of it?

Teams = data / insights / feedback

Spaces = sharing + connection

Creating a new space

To create a new space, simply navigate to 'View all spaces' on your left nav bar and click 'Create new space'.

All you need to do is give it a name, with the ability to add a photo, description and to toggle whether it should be private or public. Then you can add members by typing in the allocated box.

To view all spaces you are a part of, go to your left navigation bar and Choose 'Your spaces'. You will see the spaces you are a member of as well as any other public spaces that it is possible for you to join.

If you see a space you'd like to join from the list, simply press 'Join' and you will have access. The content of private spaces can't be seen by anyone apart from the members of that space. Other users can only see that the space exists in the directory and can request to join it (which generates an invite to the lead of that space).

If for any reason there is a space that doesn't have a lead, your account admin can assign one of the existing members of that space to be the new lead.

Who can see what?

It's simple: you need to be a member or lead of a space to view its content. Refer to the right hand nav bar on the web app (desktop) or mobile to see exactly who is in your space. In some circumstances, where another user has requested access to space (and been granted access), you will see a label 'Visitor' next to their name.

Adding more users to a space

It's easy to add more users to a space that already exists. Please note that to add users you need to be the lead / creator of the space. First, navigate to the space itself from the left-hand nav bar:

Once you're in your space, go to the bottom right-hand side of your screen. If you have a space where there are are a number of tags that have been created, you may need to scroll down.

There you will find the 'Edit space profile' option. Clicking on this will bring up the edit modal where you can then add more users by either selecting them from the list or typing in their name to find them.

Once you're done, just click Save changes.

Joining a space

It is possible to join public spaces that may have been set up by other users in your account. To do this, simply follow these simple steps:

Navigate to 'Spaces' on the left hand nav bar and click on it to expand the list and show the + and 'Browse' button

Click on the 'Browse' button which will bring up a list of all Spaces in your account, both public and private. Private spaces will show the ability to 'Request access', with public spaces showing 'Join'.

If you're looking for a specific space, simply use the 'Quick filter' on the top right of the screen.

If you request access to a private space, the owner/lead of that space will receive an email asking them to approve your request.

If you click 'Join' on a public space, you will immediately become a member of that space and it will now appear in your left navigation bar.

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