1. To set up your organisation's structure and teams, head to My Organisation, then Org Chart and select Set up on the top right hand corner.

  2. Under Users, select Add Users. Here you have the option to upload all users by copy pasting all emails separated by commas, or adding users manually one by one. Then select Next Step.

  3. Once all fields are filled in, select Next Step again.

  4. Next you will be taken to setup your organisation structure, which you can start to do by adding teams by selecting + add team and adding sub teams by selecting + add sub team.

  5. Once you have created your org chart you can then start to drag users from Your Users box to their respective teams. To drag multiple users at once simply hover over their name and tick the box that appears to the right side of their name.

  6. Once all users are placed in their respective teams, assign the lead of each team by again ticking the box that appears to the right side of their name and then select Make Lead.

  7. Select Next Step on the bottom right corner and then select Send Invitations to send out welcome emails to all selected users. (tip - if you do not want to send out invitations yet, you can select Exit Setup instead and your changes will be saved)

*note these instructions are also automated in the tool and will show up as a guided tour once you get started.

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